Kendall Jenner: ‘I Love My T-ts Being Out; It’s One of My Things!’

Being a professional supermodel comes with its own particular set of job requirements. Not only are you expected to show up everywhere you go looking totally flawless, with style and charisma to spare, but you also have to have a killer runway walk, an effortless smize, and any hangups you have about your body (especially in regards to showing it off naked) are going to have to go out the window real fast. Thankfully for Kendall Jenner, the latter has never been a problem as she admitted to W magazine in their latest installment of “Screen Test” she’s always secretly loved putting her assets on display.

She’s walked every runway you can imagine, but her modeling career started off slow: When she first moved to New York she spent her time, “run to a million test shoots in the middle of nowhere … at s—-y apartments.” To be fair, after growing up in Calabasas, we’re sure that 95 percent of New York’s real estate offerings could never live up to the reality star’s standards.

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But then Kendall got her first big break, meeting with Marc Jacobs and Katie Grand to be considered for his runway show in 2014. She says, “I was so nervous. I didn’t think anyone would like me. It’s so nerve-wracking in front of all those cool people and you go back a couple times and they need to see if they really like you.” After she landed the gig, however, all of her fears immediately disappeared. The night before, she says, “I actually surprisingly was not nervous, not extremely nervous. I was more excited. I think I wasn’t nervous because I was wearing flats. Like, I got to wear, like, flat shoes so it wasn’t as nerve-wracking. I was, like, I can’t fall. There’s no way I can fall.”

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And while she worried about tripping, she had no such qualms about making her fashion week debut totally topless. “I don’t know why I wasn’t nervous about that,” she says, “I was really excited about my t-ts being out, actually.” When asked to elaborate, she continued, “I don’t know. I’m weird. I love my t-ts being out. It’s like one of my things, I guess.” (It’s a point she’s made before and will probably make until the day they meet her knees.)

That fact certainly makes her nude photo shoots go much more smoothly, though she adds, “there’s a line. There’s a definite line. But I’m young. When I’m older, I want to be able to look at it and be, like, I looked good.” May we all be so lucky as to be able to look back at our youthful, nude supermodel selves with joy.

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M&M’s Is Releasing Perhaps Its Best New Flavor Yet

In effort to satisfy every taste bud in America, M&M’s is releasing yet another flavor of chocolate-y goodness.

On Tuesday, the candy company revealed that people will soon be able to buy Caramel-flavored M&M’s (cue the clapping and doves flying). The new flavor, which will be have a permanent residence on candy shelves, is expected to be the biggest product launch in the brand’s history.

They are described as featuring “a creamy caramel center covered in delicious milk chocolate, enclosed in a colorful candy shell.” Although the new flavor won’t be hitting shelves until May 2017, PEOPLE writers and editors had a chance to be one of the first to try it out.

Given it was a deadline day at the magazine, staffers were shoving any food they could find in their mouths, but the general consensus was that this candy is legitimately a pure delight. 

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One editor described them as being like “Rolos with a crispy shell.”

The M&M’S are certainly more chewy than any of their other flavors, which made one writer have terrible flashbacks of getting Milk Duds stuck in her teeth.

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But another couldn’t believe what she was eating — and that she liked it.

“I don’t even like caramel so I’m shocked I dig these as much as I do. They’re chewier than regular M&M’S but not in a bad way. It’s the perfect mix of caramel and chocolate.”

While we certainly have given them a stamp of approval, you can decide for yourself in just seven short months.

NSFW: Iowa Zoo’s New Adorable Baby Rhino Will Render You Completely Unproductive

She doesn’t have a name yet, but we think Rockstar has a nice ring to it.

A new baby rhino, born at the Blank Park Zoo in Iowa, is causing a lot of excitement because she’s the first one to be born at the zoo and in the entire state.

The baby black rhino weighed 80 lbs. when she arrived on Oct. 11, according to a video announcement shared on YouTube on Monday. Her species is endangered, which makes the birth even more exciting.

It sounds like this girl — who prances around like a mini unicorn in training — was born to perform.

“She is very strong, she is very vocal, she is apparently very healthy,” says the zoo’s senior veterinarian, June Olds.

The new baby definitely gets her Miss Independent vibes from Mom. Olds says staff didn’t have to intervene at all during birth. “Mom took care of the birth all by herself,” the veterinarian says in the video. “They’re bonding very well.”

Rhinos are relatively new to the zoo, arriving in 2012. Staff there believe she’s the first rhino ever to be born in the state of Iowa.

“I think all the births that we’ve had at the zoo, probably none are more significant from a public appeal standpoint, from an endangered wildlife standpoint,” says Kevin Drees, director of animal care and conservation. “The parents were brought together four years ago as a good genetic match for reproduction.”

The fact that this newborn is a girl is also significant because girl power is just what her species needs.

“It’s so great that the baby is a female, because the black rhino population tends to be skewed toward male,” Susie Ellis, executive director of the International Rhino Foundation, told The Des Moines Register. “Her reproductive potential is quite high and, hopefully, she will contribute greatly to the overall population.”

White House Press Secretary Scoffs at Trump’s Call for a Drug Test Before Final Presidential Debate

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest apparently doesn’t think much of Donald Trump’s suggestion that the GOP nominee and rival Hillary Clinton should submit to drug tests before Wednesday night’s third and final presidential debate.

“So you’re telling me that the candidate who snorted his way through the first two debates is accusing the other candidate of taking drugs?  That’s a curious development in the campaign,” Earnest said Monday during a press briefing when asked whether the White House had a response to Trump’s loaded suggestion.

On Saturday, Trump said during a rally in New Hampshire that both he and Clinton should submit to drug testing before their upcoming debate.

“Athletes, they make them take a drug test, right?” he said. “I think we should take a drug test prior to the debate. Why don’t we do that? We should take a drug test, prior. I’m willing to do it.”

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He then hinted at the reason why he thinks Clinton might need to be tested.

“I don’t know what’s going on with her but at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning. And at the end it was like, ‘Oh, take me down,’ ” he said, faking a stumble.

Trump’s comments came after he earned widespread attention for frequent sniffing during the first two presidential debates, with some wondering if it could be tied to potential drug use.

Earnest, however, backed away from any suggestion that he was making a similar claim.

When asked at the press briefing, “Are you saying just now that you think that the sniffling or snorting, as you described it, might have been related to — ” he quickly cut off the reporter and replied, “Not at all.”

Instead, he explained that he was just trying to lighten the mood.

“I’m trying to have a little fun,” he said as the group of reporters laughed.

Trump and Clinton face off for the final time on Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET, live from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.

Chip Gaines Thought HGTV’s Offer for Fixer Upper Reality Show Was a Scam at First


Fixer Upper is now the most-watched show of all time on HGTV — but can you believe it almost didn’t happen?

During an appearance on Tuesday’s Today show, Chip and Joanna Gaines revealed that when they first got the call from the network offering them a reality show, Chip was wary.

“He was like: ‘It’s a scam, do not call them back,’ ” recalled Joanna.

Added Chip with a laugh: “No way, José!”

The show, which premiered in 2013, is now hugely popular — something the couple sees as “just an honor.”

“It’s an honor that people are tuned into our family and what we do for a living,” said Chip.

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The duo have also painted their hometown of Waco, Texas, in a new light, bringing in up to 35,000 visitors a week and making their booming retail mega store, Magnolia Market at the Silos, the biggest tourist attraction in the city.

“It’s mind-boggling,” admitted Chip. “How this made such an impact and such a connection with so many people is mind-boggling. Waco, Texas did not have the best reputation on the planet. We had quite a few decades of some pretty unfortunate circumstances and for us to be able to breathe some fresh air into our little town has been a great honor.”

In addition to raising their four kids together, the two are typically flipping six to eight houses at a time. During production, they usually start at around 8 a.m., wrapping at around 3 or 4 p.m.

So how do they handle spending so much time working together?

“It’s not for everybody!” said Chip with a laugh. “Somehow the cards were dealt and Jo and I love to work together. We love to be together, but we joke to some of our friends that if we hadn’t gotten so lucky we probably would have killed each other by now.”

Ultimately, Joanna said she wants people to know that they’re “just a normal couple from Waco.”

“We’re passionate about what we do, we love the business of home and we really like each other,” she added.

Fixer Upper season 4 premieres Nov. 29 on HGTV, and Chip and Joanna’s new book The Magnolia Story is available here.

Stephen Colbert Helps Barack Obama Refine His Rusty Interview Skills as He Prepares to Leave Office

President Barack Obama is only months away from getting booted from the White House, but luckily Stephen Colbert is on hand to help him snag a new gig.

The Late Show host, acting as an office manager named Randy, gave the current commander-in-chief some hilarious tips during a mock interview in preparation for his upcoming job hunt.

Colbert started the exchange by bluntly pointing out that 55 years old is “a tough time to be starting over for a man,” then moved on to why Obama didn’t have any promotions in the eight-year span of his previous job.

“Honestly there wasn’t a lot of room for advancement in my last job,” Obama explained. “The only one with a more powerful position was my wife.”


“It doesn’t say here: Where were you born?” ” Colbert said while reading Obama’s résumé, making a sly nod to the birther controversy.

“Why don’t we move on,” the POTUS shot back.

Among his awards and commendations, Obama noted his “almost thirty honorary degrees.”

“And I did win the Nobel Peace Prize,” he added. Asked for what: “To be honest, I still don’t know.”

Colbert said he couldn’t allow Obama to openly endorse a candidate, but he did ask him to make another important decision — regarding snacks.

“Would you care for an extra fiber nutrient bar, which has traveled to more than 100 countries,” the comedian asked, not-so-subtly alluding to Hillary Clinton. “Or this shriveled tangerine, covered in golden retriever hair, filled with bile, that I wouldn’t leave alone with the woman I love?”

“I think I’ll go with the fiber nutrient bar,” Obama responded.

Ivanka Trump Speaks Out About The Rumors



Donald Trump’s huge attraction is due largely to the presumptive Republican nominee for president’s frank expression and his willingness to take his message on to voters, Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka, stated in an interview with ABC Information.

He’s the messenger of the folks. He’s the individuals’s candidate,” Ivanka Trump instructed “Good Morning America” co-anchor Lara Spencer in wide-ranging interview that aired on Tuesday and touched on Donald Trump’s controversial feedback, enterprise success and presidential potential.

She acknowledged that her outspoken father’s feedback have “gotten him into bother sometimes,” however mentioned the truth that he engaged instantly with voters on social media was highly effective as a result of it confirmed that his phrases had been his personal.

The one filter is himself,” Ivanka Trump stated, including: “He speaks from the center. He speaks from the mind.”

Donald Trump’s lack of filter has made him a selected focus of critics. Through the years, he has made feedback which were considered as offensive about immigrants, Muslims, girls and people with disabilities.

Anti-Trump Advertisements Are Ineffective

Presumptive Democratic nominee for presidentHillary Clinton launched a brand new assault advert that recaps a few of the presumptive Republican nominee’s inflammatory feedback and cautioned that the candidate wouldn’t be a superb function mannequin for young children who have been watching.

Requested how she reacted to the substance of the advert, Trump’s daughter stated her father had been the topic of plenty of adverse promoting.

So far it has not been efficient,” she stated, including destructive advertisements have been nearly all “full manipulations of his phrases, pulled out of context and packaged for max influence versus for fact.”

Individuals are “extremely clever and are not any so simply manipulated….” she mentioned.

Trump was just lately slammed for a now-deleted tweet that utilized a six-pointed star that appeared much like the Star of David — a logo of Judaism — in entrance of a backdrop of cash and an image of Clinton. The textual content on the picture known as Clinton the “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” It has been broadly slammed as being anti-Semitic.

Anti-Semites have lengthy accused Jews of attempting to regulate authorities by means of cash, however in a tweet Donald Trump defended slammed the media for depicting the star as a Star of David “relatively than a sheriff’s star or a plain star!”

Ivanka Trump, a convert to Judaism, pressured that her father “clearly didn’t assume that was the Star of David,” including: “My father’s monitor file of … advocating for Jewish individuals and for Israel is unimpeachable for a really very long time, whether or not it being the grand marshal of the Israel Day Parade at a time when it was not advantageous to take action.”

She added that her father has been “remarkably supportive” of her and her husband, Jared Kushner, and their three kids.

As well as, her father has at all times supported her ambitions as a lady in enterprise, she mentioned, including that there’s a “flawed notion” that her father doesn’t worth ladies. She pointed to his monitor document of getting employed girlson the highest ranges, lengthy earlier than it was commonplace.”

‘My Father Has Empowered Girls

“My father believes in equality amongst the genders economically, politically, socially. That is it … lots of people cannot say that,” she stated. “They speak about, you recognize, the methods all of them empower ladies. My father has empowered ladies, together with me, his entire life.”

Ivanka Trump has emerged as one of many key advisers on her father’s marketing campaign. The truth is, she and her brother got the chance to speak with former U.S. Home speaker Newt Gingrich, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, all of whom had been within the ultimate operating to be Trump’s vice chairman.

Donald Trump picked Pence, and his eldest daughter believes the 2 males are match. Requested whether or not she and her brothers had agreed on Pence, she replied: “It was my father’s determination. We did weigh in however finally it was [his] resolution. And I feel he made a wonderful selection.”

A number of distinguished Republican leaders — amongst them George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, Sen. John McCain and Ohio Gov. John Kasich — have chosen to not attend the Republican Nationwide Conference that kicked off yesterday in Cleveland.

“That’s their selection in the event that they don’t need to be a part of the narrative, in the event that they don’t need to be a part of the long run,” Ivanka Trump mentioned. “However this actually is a few forward-looking second.”

She acknowledged that her father had bothered some within the social gathering because of his unlikely path from actual property mogul and actuality TV star to presidential hopeful.

“My father is an outsider, and we went via a really robust main,” Trump mentioned. “And he emerged from that the winner, however there have been actually ruffled feathers alongside the way in which.”

The nation had not too long ago been sharply divided on essential points together with immigration, race relations, nationwide safety and the economic system. Requested whether or not her father, an especially polarizing determine, was the best individual to unite the nation, she stated he was, with out query. She cited his enterprise success in “a plethora of industries,” his heat and his power.

“Our nation wants a president who’s in a position to dream large and who’s capable of execute upon a imaginative and prescient for the long run, a constructive and an uplifting imaginative and prescient. And my father will be capable to do this in a really huge and a really possible way,” she mentioned.

Ivanka Trump is scheduled to talk on the conference on Thursday — the identical night time on which her father is predicted to just accept the celebration’s nomination for president.

Her father has not given her any indication as to what he’d like her to say, Ivanka Trump stated.

He is completely left it as much as me. I want he’d give me enter. However , I feel he needs it to return from my coronary heart. And he does not need it to be crafted by anybody aside from me. He understands that I do know him in all capacities … and after I‘ve tried to speak to him about it, he says, ‘Don’t be concerned. You will do an ideal job. Don’t fret.’ So I am making an attempt to take that recommendation,” she mentioned.