Shia LaBeouf Confirms He’s a Married Man: ‘We’re Proud of It — It Was Love’


Shia LaBeouf’s surprise Las Vegas wedding ceremony with Mia Goth was no performance art piece — it was the real deal.

The actor stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, where he confirmed that he’s officially a married man.

“Congratulations, I think you just got married,” said DeGeneres.

“I did, yes,” LaBeouf, 30, replied. “You said ‘I think’ because you thought I was messing around or something.”

Following the LaBeouf’s seemingly impromptu nuptials in a Las Vegas wedding chapel presided over by an Elvis impersonator last week, many doubted the validity of the ceremony due to the actor’s love of doing off-the-wall performance art pieces — and the fact that it was live-streamed on the Internet.

But LaBeouf said it was never his intention for the entire world to see his wedding.




“The plan was for it to be a private deal,” he admitted. “Part of the package, the King Tut package, you get a live stream for free.”

The actor said he and Goth originally declined the offer to tape the ceremony because they wanted it to be an intimate occasion for just themselves and their respective mothers, who were also present at the ceremony.

“We get home and it’s like, ‘Woah hey, listen something changed,’ “ he said. “So I called them up and they said, ‘Somebody pressed the wrong button that sends the video to TMZ.’ “

The video may have been an unexpected twist for the couple, but they now look at it as a positive part of the experience.

“We’re proud of it. It was love,” he said. “Dads couldn’t be there so it was kind of nice to have them there in a way.”

But while LaBeouf was beaming with happiness and fidgeting with his wedding band as he discussed his new bride, he did not address local officials’ claims that he and Goth are not legally married.

A post on Clark County, Nevada’s Twitter account on Wednesday said, “Our records show no marriage license for Shia LaBeouf & Mia Goth. A commitment ceremony was performed #Vegas.”

When asked why the clerk’s office had confirmed the news, the office tweeted, “We were getting media inquiries & it’s a matter of public record.”

Lord of the Isles? Find Out Which Royal Holds That Title

When Prince Charles heads to the outer reaches of Britain off the coast of Scotland today, he will do so under a particular title – Lord of the Isles.

The “Lord” is visiting the Isle of Lewis to attend the most important cultural festival of the Gaelic language in Scotland, the Royal National Mòd in Stornoway. He is also opening a whiskey distillery on the Isle of Harris.

Lord of the Isles is one of several titles the future king carries. There’s the best-known, Prince of Wales (which by way of his first marriage brought us the Diana, Princess of Wales). And then there is the Duke of Cornwall, signifying he is head of the Duchy of Cornwall that provides his income (and, of course, provides a title for his second wife Camilla, who is the Duchess of Cornwall).

And in Scotland, he and Camilla are known as the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay.

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Charles is also Earl of Chester, Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland.

But Charles is not alone in piling up the titles. Prince William is the Duke of Cambridge, the Earl of Strathearn in Scotland and, when in Northern Ireland, is known as Baron Carrickfergus. For his wife, that means she is the Duchess of Cambridge, the Countess Strathearn and Baroness Carrickfergus. Or simply Princess Kate. (We know, we know.)

Kim Zolciak Biermann Knew Just How to Embarrass Her Daughter Ariana on Her 15th Birthday

When your mother is Kim Zolciak Biermann, you better be prepared for her to document much of your life on Snapchat, and no one knows that better than her daughter Ariana.

On Monday, Zolciak Biermann took to the social media app to film herself picking up Ariana from school on her 15th birthday — and it’s safe to say her daughter was in for quite the surprise.

Zolciak Biermann, 38, rolled up in the family SUV decked out with balloons, decorations and pink “Happy Birthday” messages scrawled across the car windows.

Music was blaring, and Ariana couldn’t hide her embarrassment as she hurried over to the car. Of course, Zolciak Biermann refused to let her in the car for a few minutes, roaring with laughter and filming the whole thing alongside her husband Kroy Biermann, 31.

“Not funny!” said Ariana once safely wedged between balloons inside the car — but that didn’t stop Mom from keeping the party going all the way home. Ariana enjoyed a birthday cake and celebrated with the rest of her siblings, except for her older sister Brielle, 19, who is currently in Los Angeles with her boyfriend.

The Don’t Be Tardy star also took a moment to wish her daughter a happy birthday with a sweet Instagram montage made up of photos of Ariana over the years.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the most incredible people I know…my sweet @arianabiermann,” she wrote. “I can’t believe you are 15! My gosh where did the time go?! You amaze me each and every day, the person you are, the person you are becoming! I get so exited to think of all the amazing things you will do in your lifetime!”

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“Your heart is so pure,” the proud mother continued. “This world is such a better place with you in it! I hope you enjoy your day today… (I might still show up with cupcakes at school) even though you are in high school! I love you to the moon and back a zillion times! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET ANGEL! #AllHerFriendsSqueezeHerAllDayTodayAtSchool.”

Don’t Be Tardy airs Wednesdays (10 p.m. ET) on Bravo.