NY Jets Dennis Byrd — Dies in Car Crash

Former NY Jets star Dennis Byrd — was paralyzed in a game, but learned to walk again — has died in an Oklahoma car accident. The collision happened Saturday in Byrd’s home state, outside Tulsa. According to cops, a Ford Explorer traveling in the…

WATCH AND SHOP: The Stylish and Comfy Shoe You’ll be Wearing Everywhere


There’s no other way to say it — Supergas are the ‘it’ shoe on the market. When you combine the fact that they are constantly spotted on celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Alessandra Ambrosio, can be worn with any outfit and are insanely comfortable, you get the ideal wear-everywhere piece.

These special embossed croc-print Superga’s are a limited-edition style (that you can only get right here) that are quickly going to be that pair you never leave home without, and here’s why.

It combines sporty elements (the lace-up closure, round-toe design) with practical elements that make a perfect comfy-meets-stylish combo. So it looks just as chic whether you pair it with a business suit or casual jeans and a T-shirt.

And it’s made from real leather, which adds an instant cool factor compared to regular plain white sneakers.

Since Supergas tend to run a bit big, we’d suggest giving the brand’s size chart a glance before ordering.

— Colleen Kratofil

Shia LaBeouf and Mia Goth Play with Pups in First Joint Public Outing Since ‘Commitment Ceremony’


Shia LaBeouf and Mia Goth are enjoying “married” life.

The couple, who made headlines when they took part in a surprise commitment ceremony in Las Vegas earlier this week, were spotted playing with pups at a dog park in Los Angeles

This marked the pair’s first joint appearance in public since their Sin City ceremony — although they had each been spotted out in the L.A. area separately since then. On Thursday, LaBeouf was spotted giving a big thumbs up to photographers while grabbing groceries and showing off his wedding ring. Goth was also spotted wearing a similar band on her ring finger in a different outing.


While the American Honey actor and his model-actress love appear to be living the life of blissful newlyweds, a local official in Nevada noted that the pair are not legally married.

The Clark County of Nevada took to Twitter on Wednesday writing, “Our records show no marriage license for Shia LaBeouf & Mia Goth. A commitment ceremony was performed #Vegas.”

When asked why the clerk’s office had confirmed the news, the office tweeted, “We were getting media inquiries & it’s a matter of public record.”


It remains unclear whether the “commitment ceremony” was real or LaBeouf’s latest performance art piece. A rep for LaBeouf has not commented.

Labeouf and Goth first met in 2012 while filming Lars von Trier’s NC-17 drama Nymphomaniac: Vol. II, and Goth later appeared in a music video LaBeouf directed in 2014.

Gwen Stefani on Her Year of ‘Beautiful Memories’ with Blake Shelton


What a difference a year makes.

Next month, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton will already be marking their first anniversary together, and the “Used to Love You” singer is just as surprised at how quickly the past year has flown by.

“It’s weird!” she tells PEOPLE exclusively about hitting the sweet milestone. “I was thinking about that because I feel like last year at this time, I went and took my kids to go see The Sound of Music for my birthday. You do that. You go, ‘Where was I last year?’”

The star celebrated her 47th birthday earlier this month and is the first to admit it’s been a life-changing year for her.

“I can’t say anything but I’m so blessed,” she says about her relationship with Shelton. “It’s just crazy how much happened, you know what I mean? So many beautiful memories.”

Stefani and Shelton, 40,  are also grateful for their fans, who quickly embraced them as a couple. “We feel it,” she says of their support. “I was saying yesterday to somebody, I really feel the love, you know what I mean? It’s hard to put into words, but it’s a really cool thing to have that.”


And though she comes from the rocker world, Stefani – who’s executive producing Nickelodeon’s new animated series Kuu Kuu Harajuku (airing Saturdays at 9 a.m.) – has felt at home with Shelton’s country fans. “Doing a duet on a country track is something I never thought would happen,” she says of recording their hit song “Go Ahead and Break My Heart.”

For much more on Gwen Stefani’s life now and how she found love and happiness again, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday. To shop her limited-edition Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani Red Hot! capsule collection, visit Time Inc.’s e-commerce destination People Shop (sales will benefit the American Red Cross Home Fire safety prevention program).

Larsen & Talbert

Stefani surprised Shelton’s fans with a performance of their duet at one of his recent tour stops, and “that was a really cool thing to be able to get up and cross-pollinate in another world,” she says. “He wanted me to come out and do the song, which I was like, ‘Duh!’ I want do to it as many times as we can.”

Though she’s played in many of the same venues as Shelton, his audience is “a completely different world,” she says. “You’re like, ‘These are not my people, yet they’re so warm and sweet.’”

Adds the star: “It’s just a really cool life experience to be able to do that!”

The Designer of Princess Kate’s Favorite Pearl Earrings Takes You Inside Her Store



Princess Kate might have her pick of the Queen’s jewels, but there’s one all-time favorite she reaches for again and again: a simple pair of pearl-drop earrings bought before she was even a princess.

“I’m absolutely thrilled that they seem to be her go-to earrings,” jeweler Annoushka Ducas  tells PEOPLE in the latest episode of our exclusive video series Make Me Kate.

“Kate epitomizes what I see when I design my jewelry in terms of the way I want our clients to wear it – from pavement to palace,” says Ducas. “The Duchess of Cambridge does that extremely well.” (Kate’s sister Pippa is also a fan.)

It was while browsing the fine jewelry store in London’s Chelsea neighborhood more than five years ago — pre-royal wedding! — that Kate bought the classic baroque pearl earrings, which retail for $420. Since then, the royal mom has worn them on hundreds of occasions, from casual shopping trips on King’s Road to Trooping the Colour to leaving the hospital after the 2015 birth of Princess Charlotte as well as on every one of her royal tours to date.

“They are just so easy and so simple, she must have so much going on in her life that just to be able to rely on one pair of earrings and know that they work for everything, must be a relief,” says Ducas. The pearls are worn with Kate’s eclipse porcupine hoop earrings ($1,200), also from Annoushka.

Samir Hussein/WireImage


Kate, whom Ducas describes as “delightful and very easygoing,” also wears the jeweler’s $1,400 eclipse diamond eternity ring bought shortly after Prince George‘s 2013 birth.

Having recently wowed Canada with her most luxe tour wardrobe to date, the royal mom still gave her Zara jeans and trusty 12-year-old Penelope Chilvers leather boots a re-wear. “Obviously she doesn’t want to wear the most expensive designer labels all the time — she’s so careful about making it real for everyone and she does an amazing job of combining really high-end designers with much more affordable pieces,” says Ducas, who has been designing jewelry for over 25 years.

Available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Ducas will be launching her new Crown collection in November. Although royal in name, the rings — which start from $3,500 — are actually inspired by lace. “Obviously we would love it if any of the young royals were to wear them!” says the designer.

WATCH AND SHOP: The Double-X Necklace We’re Loving


By now you know how much celebs (and style editors) love criss-cross jewelry. We’ve brought you the original in ring form, then found a cuff and earring and finally it’s here as a necklace. And just like all those before it, this piece looks incredibly high-end, but checks in at a very cool low cost.

This Ella “XX” necklace is the ultimate wear-everywhere staple. It’s super sparkly pavé encrusted detail gives it just the right amount of shimmer for the office or a night out.

And since we can’t stress this enough, we’ll say it one more time. It looks way more expensive than it actually is. It checks it at just $58 but its high-shine finish plus super-delicate chain gives it the look and feel of a piece that’s in the four-figure price range.

At this point we can’t even call double “x” jewelry a trend anymore. Now that the entire collection is available to buy right here, criss-cross styles are now a regular jewelry box staple.

If you’re a first-time Joyus shopper, sign up today and receive 10 percent off your first order + free shipping on all orders $50. And for more great products (also eligible for that 10 percent discount), go here.

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‘Get Real, I’m Made of Steel’: SNL Rips Donald Trump for Bringing Bill Clinton’s Accusers to the Debate


[hulu id=QenCbsINepTdRgAn10k4Vg width=512 height=288]

Let’s get this nightmare started.

Saturday Night Live once again took on presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton this weekend when they parodied the second debate — or as they called it, the “worst debate ever.”

Alec Baldwin returned to play Trump in the cold open, reminding viewers that he “once helped a kid” in “that documentary” Home Alone 2. (The real Trump had a very brief cameo in the movie.)

However, things eventually turned to the now infamous 2005 Access Hollywood tape and Trump bringing women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault and misconduct to the debate.

“Wait I’m sorry, who’s here?” Clinton, played by Kate McKinnon, said after Trump announced that the women were in the audience. “Mistresses! Bill how could you? How will I go on with the debate? Now I’ll never be able to remember my facts and figures now, oh Donald how could you?

“No! Get real, I’m made of steel this is nothing, hi girls!”

Trump soldiered on, insisting that the Clintons tried to “silence” the women and their stories deserve to be heard. However, when asked what he thought about the growing list of women accusing him of sexual assault and misconduct, Trump said they needed to “shut the hell up.”

SNL also took on Trump’s lingering behind Clinton during the debate, which even the Democratic nominee said was a little strange.

Trump himself responded to the parody, calling it a “hit job” and saying that Baldwin’s impersonation “stinks.”


Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays (11:30 p.m. ET) on NBC.

A Legendary First Couple’s Bravest Hour Is Relived in Killing Reagan


Based on Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard’s bestseller about John Hinckley Jr.’s attempt on Ronald Reagan’s life in 1981, Killing Reagan has a fine First Couple.

Tim Matheson captures the essence of the Reagan persona — a born performer whose public and private selves were so in sync, perhaps even happily, that they became indistinguishable.

After making an important decision, the President pops candy into his mouth and smiles with satisfaction. This, one imagines, is a man whose every gesture is a recapitulation of some moment he once played on camera or witnessed in an old movie. Somehow this endless, unconscious refraction of Hollywood history is his authenticity. Reagan was a Spielbergian president.


When that Reagan briefly disappears, wounded by Hinckley and disoriented after surgery, there’s a special pathos: Nurses warn him that he’ll have to be restrained in his hospital bed if he doesn’t calm down, and he scribbles on a note on a yellow pad: “Am I still alive?”  This is not the same man who, just a few hours before, pluckily joked to his wife: “Honey, I forgot to duck.”

Cynthia Nixon’s Nancy is rather pointedly lacking in depth:  Introducing the topic of consulting a psychic about the White House schedule, she tells her convalescing husband, “I was talking to Merv Griffin on the phone. . .”  But her devotion is fathomless and touching.

And, considering the destruction wrought by Hinckley  for no remotely rational cause, Nancy may have had a point placing her trust in the stars and Merv Griffin.

(National Geographic, Oct. 16, 8 p.m.)