Dana White Says Nate Diaz May Never Fight In UFC Again

Dana White says he’s not sure if Nate Diaz or his brother Nick Diaz will ever fight in the UFC again — telling TMZ Sports straight-up, “They don’t seem like they wanna fight.” Dana says the UFC has offered multiple fights to both Diaz brothers but…

ScHoolboy Q Dodges Armed Robbery Charge

ScHoolboy Q was under investigation for felony armed robbery, but will not be charged due to a lack of evidence against him … or even witnesses accusing him. It’s a weird incident no one knew about, but our law enforcement sources say it went…

Man Attempts to Smuggle 67 Pounds of Marijuana in a Casket

In a world where smugglers try to find new ways to get drugs across international borders, an American man was arrested last weekend for attempting to smuggle 67 pounds of marijuana across the Mexican border in a coffin. Agents found the casket filled with $33,000 worth of pot covered by manure to disguise the odor, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection for Arizona.

The 28-year old was driving a white hearse when he was eventually pulled over at a immigration vehicle checkpoint by Tombstone, Arizona. A K-9 unit was requested after the U.S Border Patrol found the 28-year-old man to have “several inconsistencies” in his story.

“The hearse and drugs were seized and the driver, a 28-year-old male United States Citizen, was arrested for narcotics smuggling and is being processed per Tucson sector guidelines for contraband smuggling,” said the CBP Arizona in a statement.

Alexis Bledel on How Becoming a Mother Led Her to The Handmaid’s Tale

Alexis Bledel has been trying to pick roles she’s passionate about since she became a mother.

The star of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale told Entertainment Tonight Wednesday in New York City that she wanted to take on roles that she cared about.

“More than anything, I just think about what roles I take on, and make sure that it’s really something that I feel passionate about if I’m going to leave home and go work,” Bledel said. “I just want to love what I’m doing.”

The 35-year-old actress currently plays Ofglen on The Handmaid’s Tale, the 2017 retelling of the Margaret Atwood novel. Bledel, who gave birth to her son with Mad Men actor Vincent Kartheiser in 2015, says it was “wonderful” to play a character so different from Rory Gilmore on Gilmore Girls.

“It’s really interesting for me. It’s really wonderful to play characters as different from each other as I can. So it’s just a great opportunity to do something different,” Bledel said.

The Handmaid’s Tale is currently streaming on Hulu.